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Nationwide Coaching - Zoom and 'Phone


Coaching for Physicians provides nationwide coaching by Zoom and telephone. We individualize our coaching program for each doctor and work exclusively with physicians and surgeons. No two doctors are managed in the same way and we work one-on-one, to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in modern medicine.

Only a physician can fully understand the life of another physician, so we provide confidential coaching physician-to-physician.

At Coaching for Physicians we combine specialized physician coaching and education for individual physicians and healthcare organizations, including full days of immersion in soft skills coaching. These courses are the fastest way to develop new people skills.

Our services include coaching and education for anger management, disruptive physician coaching, burnout and stress reduction, marital and relationship coaching, malpractice support, time management, conflict resolution, career & retirement coaching, executive coaching, emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal skills coaching for physicians.

REFERENCES & COMMENTS: “Dr. Hudson is a remarkable professional. His consultation and interaction is concise, practical and insists on engagement and personal responsibility and action…I see the opportunity to consult with Patrick Hudson not as a task, but as an incredible opportunity. Dr. Hudson comes with my most enthusiastic and most positive recommendation.” Specialist Internist/New Mexico

Some Comments and References from Clients

“As a surgical specialist, Dr. Hudson’s availability, communication and professionalism match my expectations of a coach...He is truly gifted in his knowledge and skills and will be a great resource to any physician leader or clinical doctor looking to expand their skills.”

Vascular Surgeon/California

"I am confident that Dr. Hudson possesses the qualities that any company would find desirable in a personal and professional coach. His knowledge, dedication, assertiveness, and excellent leadership qualities would without a doubt make him an asset to any individual or company that values specialized coaching..."


“The physicians (in our group) and the CEO expressed great satisfaction with outcomes, the flexibility of his services, and it is our intent to use him again in the future…”


“I see the opportunity to consult with Patrick Hudson not as a task, but as an incredible opportunity. Dr. Hudson comes with my most enthusiastic and most positive recommendation.”

Specialist Internist/New Mexico

"Dr. Hudson has helped coach providers within our organization over the last two years. He is responsive, accessible and knowledgeable. He has benefited the physicians we have sent to him and I would recommend him highly to help physicians adapt to the changing climate of healthcare."

Orthopedic Surgeon/Virginia

"He directly engages his clients and is very easy to speak with. He does his homework and really gets to know his clients so that he can provide very helpful and intuitive feedback. He provides a good balance of listening and advise for his clients. Dr Hudson is a credit to his profession and provides help that far surpasses ‘cookie cutter’ programs."

Physician Executive/Illinois

“I have been seeing him for several months now. His coaching sessions have been extremely helpful. We are working on finding the joy in my work again as well as helping me learn how to improve my interactions with my office staff and colleagues…I have found our sessions to be so beneficial that we are now exploring having my team work with him to strengthen our interactions with each other.”

Pediatrician/New Mexico

“Dr. Hudson was selected as the credentialed subject matter expert that could provide the much-needed insights to would shepherd me through a critical time in my professional career as a physician and health care manager. Dr. Hudson understands the many challenges faced by physicians in their everyday professional life…Dr. Hudson is the epitome of what a professional coach should be. In my interactions with Dr. Hudson, he always exhibited the consistent and persistent values, dedication, and passion necessary to elicit the right amount of trust expected from a professional of his trade.,,I am confident in Dr. Hudson’s clinical, interpersonal, administrative, and communication skills. His broad background helps him understand the human factors and challenges influencing the dynamics faced by us physicians…”


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Some of the services we provide

intensive coaching at your location or ours
We can schedule appointments for Intensive Marathon coaching at Dr. Hudson’s uptown office in Albuquerque. For an additional fee and expenses, Dr. Hudson can also come to you and provide one-on-one, confidential marathon coaching intensives in your home, office or other location. Intensive marathon coaching is an immersive experience in which individuals meet one-on-one with Dr. Hudson for 5 hours a day and for 1-3 consecutive days and stay overnight at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast (we can help you make arrangements). If you do not mind a 60 minute drive and prefer to stay in historic Santa Fe let us know and we can help you find a suitable location and explore the area. Each individual, or couple, has a unique schedule that is worked out in advance. These sessions are one-on-one and exclusively for physicians. Intensive marathon coaching is especially useful for physician clients who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions and need to travel from distant locations. It provides a brief, intensive and focused approach to your coaching issues and is designed to help you learn new skills in less time. Follow up sessions are provided at the regular rates for telephone or in person coaching. This immersive experience is the quickest way to make changes and get up to speed on important soft skills concepts.
anger management for physicians and surgeons
We have developed an individualized anger management course for doctors. It is usually a 12 session program that is primarily psycho-educational. If completed satisfactorily, you will be provided a letter confirming attendance and completion of the program. Dr. Hudson is a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and an anger management specialist certified by the NAMA. He is also able to speak with program directors, medical boards, hospital administrators, or employers to confirm satisfactory attendance. Physicians are often the victims of bullying from other members of the healthcare team, including administrators, nurses and other doctors. If you are a victim of bullying, let us help you develop the tools you need to cope.
management of burnout and life balance for physicians
Finding Life Balance for Physicians and Surgeons and Coaching to Avoid and Manage Burnout Finding the right balance between work and home is hard for doctors. Most of us take home the problems of the day and as a result both the doctor and their family may suffer. Coaching is a useful way to increase self-awareness and improve life-work balance for physicians. When we do not manage this balance it can lead to burnout which probably affects at least 50% of physicians.
marriage coaching for physicians and their spouse or partner
We feel that the best resource a doctor has to manage the stress of medicine is happy and stable home life. Dr. Hudson is available for marriage, relationship and couple coaching for physicians and their families. He has special expertise in working with physicians and their partners. Before opening his office for coaching he had over 30 years experience in medicine and mental health counseling and he is uniquely qualified to help physicians. He has special certification and training in the management of anger and completed Level I Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and has extensive experience as a marriage therapist. He is the only physician authorized as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator.
retirement coaching for physicians
Retirement is a major transition for all doctors. You may have prepared financially for your retirement but have you prepared emotionally and psychologically? The average retirement age today is 62 and every day 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. One survey in suggested that more than half of physicians may consider retiring from medicine within next 3 years. Some physicians are ill prepared for the changes that occur after retirement. They are usually in good health and can anticipate living longer lives and it is possible will spend more time in retirement than in their working life. When most doctors retire they are looking for ways to achieve and live their retirement dreams and view retirement not as an ending, but as a transition to a new and exciting phase of life. Dr. Hudson's experience retiring from a long and busy surgical practice has provided him with a deep personal knowledge and empathy for these issues. Given the right direction and support, there is every reason to suppose that you will navigate these waters and have many happy and productive years following your retirement.
leadership and executive coaching for physicians and surgeons
Modern medicine is practiced in teams of physicians, nurses, mid-levels, support and administrative staff. All teams need a leader and in many cases the teamleader in medicine is a physician. Even in a small, private office the physician is considered the teamleader. Unfortunately many physicians lack the temperament or training to organize and manage effective healthcare teams. As a teamleader, the physician needs skills in communication, people management and an understanding of how teams work. In addition, they need a heightened awareness of social interactions and highly developed emotional intelligence skills. As a trained and authorized Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Provider, Dr. Hudson is equipped to help individual physicians and organizations develop the skills needed to lead healthcare teams. The survival of the medical profession as we know it, requires the development of leadership skills not only for physician executives but for all physicians, even those in a one person office. Most non-physicians in healthcare and the public, think of doctors as the leader of the healthcare team. This is rapidly changing and physicians can choose to develop these skills and lead, or someone else will and lead them.
career change and life transition for physicians
At some point, most physicians question the direction of their life and wonder about their meaning and purpose. At these times life coaching is an excellent method of self examination. Its aim is greater self understanding not just in the coaching session but in life in general. It is normal, and healthy, for both men and women to question their values and recognize a need for personal growth and exploration. Often this is triggered by personal events like career change, emotional loss, malpractice or retirement that make us re-think our life and its meaning and purpose. At these times life coaching is especially useful because its value lies not only in the coaching session but in understanding your life in general. Exploring our values and developing a sense of purpose can be one of the most meaningful parts of a rich and fulfilled life. Dr. Hudson feels that a “life well lived” must include personal growth and individuation and this can be helped by thoughtful coaching using techniques developed at Coaching for Physicians.