From July 1, 2022, the cost per session will be $250.

We offer 10 hours of CME Credit for our redesigned 12 session physician anger management program. All sessions are individualized and available via Zoom. These are NOT online classes or groups, but one-on-one, physician-to-physician coaching for anger.

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Anger Management for Physicians

Anger is a normal emotion but when poorly managed can cause chaos in the medical workplace. It is widely recognized that patient safety and quality of care depend on good communication and teamwork. There is an increasing need for services to help doctors manage anger appropriately and communicate well. Dr. Hudson is a trained anger management specialist and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). He is also an anger management specialist certified by NAMA and Century Anger Management.

We have found that most physicians and surgeons prefer individual sessions over group sessions. Coaching for Physicians and Patrick Hudson MD have developed an individual anger management course for doctors. We offer intensive full day coaching or a 12 week program that is primarily psycho-educational. If completed satisfactorily, you will be provided a letter confirming attendance and completion of the program. Physicians are often the victims of bullying from other members of the healthcare team, including administrators, nurses and other doctors. One study suggests that physicians self identify as victims of bullying more than nurses. We can help you develop the interpersonal skills you need to respond to bullying in an assertive, non-aggressive way.

If you, or a loved one, has developed issues with anger it is wise to seek help with an anger management coach before the label "disruptive physician" is applied to you. In other words, it is usually best to get anger management training before someone else, like an administrator, disciplinary board or judge, mandates it for you. Some distressed physician programs paint a picture of a physician "out of control". In our experience, when a physician is made aware of their anger and its impact in an appropriate way, most are willing to make an effort to change their style of communication. It is true that not all disruptive physicians are simply angry. Some may suffer from a mental or physical illness for which they need help. While Dr. Hudson does not treat mental or physical problems, if he feels your problem cannot be helped with coaching he will refer you for further treatment and evaluation. Sometimes, it is possible for coaching to continue at the same time as additional medical or psychological treatment occurs.

Dr. Hudson is a Board Certified Coach, trained anger management specialist and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). He is also an Anger Management Professional certified by Century Anger Management, a recognized global leader in the field of Anger Management training and certification.

The Century certified anger management program is used in mental health, substance abuse, corrections, education, law enforcement, human resources, domestic violence, and pastoral counseling. The Century Anger Management model of intervention is used and accepted in most courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices. Our program is listed as a resource by the Federation of State Medical Boards in their directory of physician assessment and remedial education programs.

Some Comments and References from Clients

“I was sent by theState of California… to remedy a series of complaints (about) my manner which was felt to be: rude (and) unsympathetic…I did not look forward to speaking with Dr. Hudson as an "anger management" remedy…I came to look forward to speaking with Dr. Hudson…I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Patrick Hudson as an excellent choice to help physicians weather this age of: politically correct speech and behavior…I am confident that you will be happy with your choice of Dr. Hudson as your "coach" for physician’s attitudes in this age of unfettered criticism.”

Orthopedic Surgeon/California

“(I)…was referred to Dr. Patrick Hudson for behavior which was considered to be aggressive (and) intimidating …I have become aware of… my non-verbal communication…I have learned and implemented techniques to use in daily interactions and stressful situations which minimize the negative impact I have on those around me…My family has benefited as well…The service that Dr. Hudson provides should be widely available to providers.”

Specialist Internist/New Mexico

“As a physician, Dr. Hudson understands the unique training and experiences associated with a career in medicine. As a board-certified coach, he is able to contextualize that complexity and offer real-life solutions, not just surviving—but thriving—in the industry…Dr. Hudson created an environment that encouraged candid and open dialogue about difficult issues like social relationships and burnout…Patrick Hudson is skilled in many aspects of physician coaching …I would encourage any physician or healthcare team to consider partnering with Dr.Hudson to bring his specialized approach to supporting physicians in the important work that they do.”


"Patrick gently reinforces the need to maintain appropriate physician interaction at all levels of professional discourse at all times. His reassuring manner is a strong motivator to heed his advice. He offers “understandable” and “easy to implement” behavioral changes. Dr. Hudson motivates one to want to modify one’s conduct to perform at a better level..."

ENT Surgeon/New York

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