From July 1, 2022, the cost per session will be $250.

We offer 10 hours of CME Credit for our redesigned 12 session physician anger management program. All sessions are individualized and available via Zoom. These are NOT online classes or groups, but one-on-one, physician-to-physician coaching for anger.

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Marriage & Couple Coaching

It is not true that doctors have a higher divorce rate than the general population, but they are often less happy in their marriages. A recent study showed that "divorce among physicians is less common than among non-healthcare workers and several health professions”. Women doctors do have a higher prevalence of divorce than male physicians, possibly due to the effect of the hours worked.

Marital difficulties can increase the possibility of career dissatisfaction and burnout and increases the risk that physicians and their spouses will experience depression, drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism, and other emotional and psychiatric problems. Physicians and their spouse or partner also experience the issues that any couple can experience, like sexual dysfunction or communication problems. In addition, they must cope with the stress imposed by the modern practice of medicine.

When physicians and their partners are not getting along, everyone suffers and the result can be devastating. It is sometimes assumed that physicians long work hours cause marital problems but the truth is that their excessive work is often caused by their desire to escape troubles at home. Marital difficulties often increase career dissatisfaction and burnout which in turn can lead to depression, anxiety and excessive use of alcohol or other drugs.