Boise, Idaho

Coaching for Physicians is located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, NM but you can schedule an appointment by telephone or Zoom from your home, or office, in Boise.

Many physicians find they save time and money with intensive coaching by Zoom or at Dr. Hudson's farm outside Santa Fe. If you prefer the convenience of staying at home, Dr. Hudson can come to you for one-on-one, confidential coaching intensives in your office or home. Just ask for a proposal.

Intensive marathon coaching is an immersive experience lasting one day, in which individuals meet one-on-one with Dr. Hudson for 5 hours and stay overnight at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast. Each individual hasa unique schedule that is worked out in advance. These programs are one-on-one and exclusively for doctors. Intensive marathon coaching and soft skills training is especially useful for physicians who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions and need to travel from distant locations. It provides a brief, intensive and focused approach to your coaching issues and is designed to help you learn new skills in less time.

Follow up sessions are provided at the regular rates for personal coaching. This immersive experience is the quickest way to make changes and get up to speed on important soft skills concepts. We can tailor any marathon intensive to your needs. Our services include coaching for anger management and disruptive physician coaching, burnout and stress reduction, marital & relationship coaching, malpractice support,time management, conflict resolution, career & retirement coaching, executive coaching, emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal skills coaching for doctors like you.

Patrick Hudson MD is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association. He is also a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Board Certified Coach. In addition to his medical degrees, he has advanced degrees in Mental Health Counseling, Medical Ethics and Liberal Arts. Dr. Hudson is an anger management specialist certified by the NAMA and is available for coaching and education. He specializes in individual anger management and emotional intelligence coaching for physicians and surgeons.

If you are a doctor, Coaching for Physicians is here to help you. These programs are designed primarily for physicians and surgeons who are otherwise well functioning and need to achieve their personal or professional goals. Dr. Hudson has special expertise in the coaching of physicians and our coaching is one-on-one and physician-to-physician.

“As a physician, Dr. Hudson understands the unique training and experiences associated with a career in medicine. As a board-certified coach, he is able to contextualize that complexity and offer real-life solutions, not just surviving—butthriving—in the industry…Dr. Hudson created an environment that encouraged candid and open dialogue about difficultissues like social relationships and burnout…Patrick Hudson is skilled in many aspects of physician coaching …I would encourage any physician or healthcare team to consider partnering with Dr.Hudson to bring his specialized approach tosupporting physicians in the important work that they do.” Administrator/Idaho

“Patrick is an excellent and highly skilled coach. His career as a surgeon has led him to have a deeply nuanced understanding of the physician minds and work environment. He is uniquely suited to working with physicians and achieving results. He has provided me a framework that I can use to make decisions about my career and return to often as I have insight into what I find energizing at work and what drains me… I return to teachings and conversations we have had often inmywork with other physicians…I recommend Patrick without reservation and with the highest endorsement.” Family Medicine/California

"It is my pleasure to write this favorable letter of recommendation on behalf of Dr. Patrick Hudson. I am a Double Board Certified Surgeon practicing in a large medical center/teaching hospital. At first, being a strong willed type A surgical personality, I did not want to go. I was finally forced to see Dr. Hudson and am glad that I did. After the first few sessions, I looked forward to speaking to him, and was disappointed when the sessions ended. I completed the program and it helped give me some insight…Being the best doctor and surgeon is not the only way to survive any longer in medicine. One needs to learn how to deal with people and that can create many problems for you professionally and personally. I believe the coaching that Dr Hudson provided helped me. He will give you an honest assessment, and treat you fairly. Hewill not allow himself to be swayed by the party responsible for why you are there. He will advocate for you, which is probably one of the most important things in this process. Not only do I think he's a fantastic coach, he is a gentleman, and he is a surgeon. He can relate to what is going on in Medicine today…. I recommend Dr Hudson without reservation." Trauma Surgeon/New Jersey